In 1918 Rafael Karsten,  Head-Hunters of Western Amazonas, 497

The cock of the rock (sumga), one of the most beautiful birds of the forests of Western Amazonas, the Jibaro woman addresses in the following way:

Sumga noa assana,

sumga noachina,


Sumga aíshmangshiru

kapaka paháwue

wisha hahuchi

sumga noa assa,

tu nakúrahei

In translation:

“Being the wife of the cock-of- the-rock

being the little wife of the sumga,

I jokingly sing to you thus:

Cock-of- the-rock, my little husband,

Wearing your many-colored dress of feathers,

graceful in your movements!

I know I am useless myself,

but still I rejoice,

for I am the wife of the sumga -

So I jokingly sing!”