Amazonian songs to birds

Recorded by Tod Swanson

Musician Wren

Squirrel Cuckoo

Chestnut-eared aracari

Toucans and Toucanets

Great potoo

Yellow-rumped cacique and Erythina poeppigiana

  1. Russet backed oropendola (Psarocolius angustifrons)

  2. Eulodia Dagua Song to Mangu Warmi (Oropendola Woman

  3. Luisa Cadena  “Sadly my woman comes Laughing”(Song to Oropendola Woman)

  4. Eulodia Dagua “This Parrot is not from around here.”

• Eulodia Dagua “Napu Yaku Tandishcu.”

  1. Clara Santi “Now I am the Mountain Toucan’s Wife”. (Song to Gau Sicuanga Mountain Toucan)

  2. Eulodia Dagua  I, a Toucan from the Headwaters

• Eulodia Dagua  Toucan Boa Woman

“On how the people were transformed into woodpeckers.”

  1. Don’t Sing Too Much Toucan

  2. Eulodia Dagua Ichurisha Rina

  3. Eulodia Dagua Maroon-tailed Parakeet

  4. Delicia Dahua  Illau Sikuanga

  5. Sisa Toaquiza: Condor Enamorado

  6. Petrona Collahuazos curing song, “White Dove”

  7. Luzmila Carpio - Presagio de los pájaros (imitates birds)

Bolivia’s famous Quechua soprano evokes a wide variety of bird species with her voice.   Carpio’s performance is in the style of Quechua ideophones.  Ideophones evoke the memory of nature and then leave room in the listener’s memory for nature to speak rather than attempting to impersonate the natural sound.  Carpio’s voice representation is intentionally qualitatively different from a hunter’s attempt to mimic a bird’s whistle.

Wasa Wali

Only an owl will call

Yahua Trumpeter Dance