Brugmansia insignis  (Solanaceae)

“Huanduj Flower Woman”   

Singer:  Clara Santi

Recorded and translated by Tod Swanson

 I will sing about the how the Huanduj Man went taking me to bathe me in the fragrance of his flowers.  I stand inside the fragrance of the opening of [his flowers].   I am going to sing of the Huanduj flower, the Napo River flower. That is what I am going to sing, the Huanduj Flower.’  

Little Huanduj Flower Woman
Little Huanduj Flower Woman 
H\uanduj Spirit Man
Taking (her) from right here
Placing her on the point of the island
Where he is flowering.
I am the woman who stands smelling.
Giving off perfume with just his flower 
When she arrives where he is standing
The Huanduj Man bathes her with his flower
I am the woman just standing here
Wherever he wants to take her
In the house
On an island in the Napo
The Huanduj Man, standing
Called (me) from here
Standing at the head of the island
The Huanduj Flower Man. 
He wanted to take [me] 
But he was not able to overcome me
He will not be able to overcome me.
With only his flower.
Smelling,  Asking
I stand making him drunk
Huanduj Spirit Man
I stood making him give off his smell
The Huanduj Flower Woman 
The Huanduj Flower Woman
I stand turning back and forth (ambivalent)
I stand turning back and forth (ambivalent)
He himself
The Huanduj Flower Man
He thought he could just take me
He will not take me
He himself secretly
with his huanduj flower stem
I am the who stands making herself heard
Bathing with his huanduj
I am the traveling woman who looks into his eyes                                                             when he stands there wearing his hat.                                                                                     He stands wanting to take me
The Napo River Huanduj
Stands wanting to take me
He stands wanting to take me to put me                                                                                  on the point of his island.
He wants to take me 
The Huanduj Spirit Man 
Stands [there]intending to take me
Wearing his hat
The huanduj flower opened
With only his smell
I am the woman who stands smelling
the Huanduj Spirit man 
He laughs (flirts) wanting to take me
He won’t be able to overcome me
a strong Santi  woman
Only his eyes/face 
I am the woman who stands turning back and forth
I am  the woman who stands 
taking his huanduj hat
Looking into my eyes
He sweeps with only his huanduj
the standing man
62.  He laughs wanting to carry me away
63.  I couldn’t do it