In western Amazonia red colored plants are often associated with blood, particularly with menstrual or maternal blood.   Painting with Bixis orellana (bottom left) is used as a substitute for painting with blood.    The red leafed heliconia species (bottom left) called puca panga tulan  in Kichwa is believed to cause excessive menstrual bleeding if touched by women.   Other red plants have the opposite effect.  The new leaves of Cruz Caspi (below middle left) and those of and Columnea ericae (middle right) are used  as a remedy for excessive menstrual and postpartum bleeding. 

Heliconia Sp., Kichwa:  puca panga tulan

Browneopsis Sp. Family: Caesalpinaceae (Fabaceae); Kichwa: Cruz Caspi

      Bixis orellana; Kichwa: Manduru