[When the rains were just starting sweeping was prohibited] No! no! We were to do nothing of that kind because the rainstorms would retreat. It was a secret that they knew since old times.  That is what they used to say.

Those same ones went to the peak to dance when it didn't rain.  Let me tell you something. Now a days they don't make the fiesta.  Always since I [can remember], since [the days of] my father.  Every year they made the fiesta.  On San Pedro they used to make the fiesta.  Holy Week pascua they used to do the fiesta, the fifth of September the same.  And the rain storms never failed, you see? They never failed.

Question: And why have they stopped doing the fiestas now?

Because they don't care saying that there is no God, that the images don't help us.  That the Virgin this, that the Virgin that. It is the evangelistas see. Now it seems like most of them have become evangelistas.  And the people began to ruin themselves and now what are they going to do? Life is expensive.  In the old days when were there ever any evangelists?  There never were any of those see? Now most of them.  Just up there a little ways there is a group, there behind Calderon too, they say there are some.  San Juan Loma too.  On all sides.