The Myristicaceae family as whole is called wapa in Kichwa.   The various species are designated by modifying the word wapa with descriptive adjectives.    Most species of  Myristicaceae are soft wood second growth trees.   Although they can be used for lumber the wood is soft and not generally considered to be of high quality.  In the Northwest Amazon (Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil) the Baniwa, Witoto and other groups prepare a psychedelic snuff called parika from the ashes of trees in the Virola genus.  See Robin Wright, Ways of Preparing Parika: Comparative Amazonia.

Virola  calophylla;  Kichwa: Bula Panga Wapa

Virola elongate; Kichwa: Suni Panga Wapa

Quichua: Jandia Wapa