Clara Santi,  Frog egg mucagua design

Clara Santi,  Eating “Piri piri” frog makes mute children speak

Cua the frog sound of witchcraft

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Cinta Largas using frogs as hallucinogen  

In this video a Cinta Largas man first makes small burns on his skin.   Mucus is slowly scraped from the back of a large green tree frog.   The frog mucus is then apparently introduced into the bloodstream by rubbing it onto the burns.  The man then enters an altered state of consciousness and lays down to dream.   Throughout the Amazon frogs are believed to have once been people.   Behind their present form this human quality endures.   In any kind of hallucinogenic experience induced by ingesting material from a species the species is believed to encounter the dreamer as a person.  The dreamer enters the world of that species.  When this man lays down to dream he apparently enters the frog world.  The frog is released unharmed by the man’s companions.

Amazonian Amphibian Diversity Traced To Andes 

Why More Treefrog Species Live in Amazon Rainforests: Evolution of Treefrogs Sheds Light On the Mystery

They discovered that the richness of treefrog species in the Amazon rainforest sites is not explained by wet, tropical climatic conditions alone.

"....many tropical rainforest sites... outside the Amazon Basin have no more species than do some sites in temperate North America," explains Dr. Wiens. Instead, the ...high biodiversity of Amazonian sites is related to different groups of treefrogs occurring together in the Amazon Basin for more than 60 million years -- since before most dinosaurs became extinct. In contrast, those sites in tropical rainforests that have relatively few treefrog species are in areas that were colonized by treefrogs much more recently. "The results suggest that the ibiodiversity of amphibians in some sites in the Amazon Basin took more than 50 million years to develop," says Dr. Wiens.

Wikiri exports 5 species of Ecuadorian frogs.  El Comercio 11/26/12

Researchers find possible heart medicine in pythons

Frogs:  402 species of amphibians have been discovered in Ecuador.   Amazonian frog names are almost exclusively taken from onomatopoetic representations of the sounds they make.  Frog origin stories often play on resemblances between human sounds and these frog sounds.

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