Coplas de San Pedro 1 2

         Picalqui, Provincia de Pichincha, Ecuador

         Recorded and translated by Tod Swanson

I would like to be a hummingbird child

Son of an old hummingbird

So that I could go from branch to branch sucking the best flower

The ripe guayaba

You savor its little fruit

And  a beautiful woman

You savor her little mouth.

I like milk, I like coffee

But what I like more

is what you’ve got

What a beautiful appearance

What beautiful skin!

What beautiful lips that woman has!

You should have someone feel them!

You should have someone feel them!

You should have me feel them too!.

Quisiera ser quinde guagua
hijo del quinde mayor
para ir de rama en rama 
chupando la mejor flor. 

A la guayaba madura
Se le chupa la pepita
A las mujeres bonitas
Se les chupa la boquita. 

Me gusta la leche, me gusta el cafe
Pero mas me gusta lo que tiene usted! 
Que bonita catadura, 
Que bonita piel!
Que bonitos labios
Que tiene esa mujer!
Aras tantiar!
Aras tantiar!
Aras tantiar a mi tambien!.

San Pedro Dancer William Imba, Tabacundo, July 29, 2010

Photographed by Tod Swanson

Andes and Amazon Field School