Armadillo meat is sasi or prohibited for nursing mothers.

Although armadillos are usually a favored food they are avoided by nursing mothers.  The reason is that armadillos are nocturnal.   If a baby drinks the milk of a mother who has eaten an armadillo it will sleep in the day and stay up all night.

According to one origin story, at the end of the last world God decided to destroy the world with a juicio or judgment of fire.   To escape death by fire some people wrapped themselves tightly in wet blankets and burrowed into the earth.  To help them survive their faces, feet, and hands became highly specialized for digging.  The wrapped blankets baked onto their backs.  When the fires subsided they emerged into this world as armadillos.

Armadillo claws or whole skeletons are used in magic to cause the river to change its course by digging away at a designated part of the river.   As a digging animal the armadillo stands for the river.   For example If someone wants the river to stop eating away at the bank where they live they may bury or place armadillo claws or skeleton facing inland on the opposite bank.  The river then changes course to dig in the direction that the armadillo claws are digging.  This tactic is believed to be used maliciously by people who want the river to was away the home or fields of their enemies.