This mushroom is believed to be the penis of a real ghost or spirit.   As it matures and begins to decay it gives off a pungent mushroomy odor which can be smelled at some distance.   When people smell this odor they speak bravely and firmly to it believing that this will make the ghost go away: “If you act bravely and insult it it will go away afraid (manzhasha rin). “  

Speech to the Ghost Penis Mushroom designed to scare it into going away   Spoken by Estefania Aguinda.  Translation of the Kichwa text below by Tod Swanson. 

You stand there straining things 
You smell bad
You stand there without shame
You come wanting to make children with wind sickness
I am going to enjoy cutting you up with a machete chak, chak, chak!”

Kichwa text:
“Shushungalla shayaungui
Irusta asnangui
Pinguillajta shayangui
Wawauna wayrachisha nisha
Gustu  chak, chak, chak, machetewa picasha”

Amita ceremonialis     Kichwa: aya ullu (ghost penis)